My first pull request to Zammad - Bump to Ruby v 3.1

My first pull request to Zammad - Bump to Ruby v 3.1 - Sep 24

I use Ubuntu 22.04 (recently upgraded from 21.10 due to its end of life) extensively on both my desktop and laptop dev machines, and I wanted to install all the 3 shortlisted open source projects built on Rails and VueJS on them to have same dev experience (no docker is too time consuming and I don't want to build docker images everytime to sync machines).

Zammad uses the stable Ruby-3.0.4 which is not a problem but OpenSSL. As you might know bundler uses https to fetch and install all gems and git repos mentioned in the Gemfile thus everytime whenever I used to run bundle install I used to get some error related to openssl which asked me to build ruby with openssl support.

Googling brought me to where the discussion was that to make Rails apps, dependent on Ruby-3.0.4 and its previous versions, run on Ubuntu 22.04 we need OpenSSL-1.1 as Ubuntu 22.04 migrated to OpenSSL-3.0 and Ruby 3.0.4 requires OpenSSL-1.1.

I installed OpenSSL-1.1 and Ruby-3.0.4 (using my RVM ofcourse), and then installed Zammad. Worked fine but what about the Rails7 projects dependent on Ruby-3.1.2? How would I install those? Now, Ruby-3.1.2 starting giving OpenSSL errors. The solution is ...

Ruby-3.0.4 requires OpenSSL-1.1 and Ruby-3.1.2 does not. So isn't Ruby-3.1.2 and Ubuntu 22.04 made for each other?

Come on Zammad, bump yourself to Ruby-3.1.2! Here is my first pull request #4268 - Bump Ruby version 312.